Mission Statement.

We are a professional janitorial and abrasive products supplier who provides excellent service to all of our customers for a reasonable profit. As an advisor and consultant to our customers, we constantly fulfill the commitments we make to everyone we make them to. Our office environment is professional and enjoyable. We consider our employees as high priorities and we value their efforts. We are committed to establishing and maintaining longterm relationships with our dedicated staff. We are committed to becoming the singlesource supplier for our customers by providing the highest quality products with exceptional, friendly service. As a recognized leader in our industry and caring corporate neighbor, we take personal responsibility for all of our actions. We are consistent in our behavior, known for our integrity, and always optimistic about the future.

Our Locations

San Diego
9292 Activity Road
San Diego, California 92126-4425
Phone: (858) 566-6700
Fax: (858) 271-5079
Email: sales@missionjanitorial.com

177-A Short Street
Bishop, California 93514
Phone: (760) 873-8402
Fax: (760) 873-8411
Email: sales@missionjanitorial.com

Toll Free: 1-800-733-1748